La Liga futsal, Malaga shot to be the door.

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La Liga futsal, Malaga shot to be the door.

Messagepar soksophoan » Mar Oct 24, 2017 9:13 pm

Gerrard defender La Liga striker ผลบอลสด Barcelona confirmed that his door in the Spanish La Liga match at the latest defeat of Malaga 2-0 on Saturday. All right. Even slow shots show that the ball fell out the back door before it.

The problem occurred in the second minute after Lucian Dee left the ball up to open the ball to the Lovelove to charge the door. The players of Malaga are protesting the referee. Because the ball fell out after the line. However, recently, Lovelock confirmed that his door was correct, saying "I do not see what the problem is. I have not watched the video yet. But for me, it's legal. I believe this. ผลบอลสดTo play in that rhythm. "

As Luis Hernandez, Malaga defender, "they have to say it is not out. But it's ridiculous. The ball was dropped off in meters. This decision damaged us to 6 out of 9 games of Malaga, the referee made the mistake to make the first goal. We may not play well. But this is too real. "ผลบอลสด
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