Do not be scared!

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Do not be scared!

Messagepar soksophoan » Mar Oct 24, 2017 9:09 pm

Mauricio Villeneuve, Southampton boss, has warned Sophie Yanibou the Moroccan midfielder is stillผลบอลสด waiting for his next opportunity. Although a goal to help the team to open St Mary's nest in the West Bromwich Albion 1-0 in the English Premier League game on Saturday, October 21 ago.

Boffel was sent off in the 81st minute, just 4 minutes into the goal. And is the first goal in the league's 24-year-old Moroccan national football this season, with the "saint"ผลบอลสดup to 10 of the table with 12 points scored from 9 plays.

"It's a focused game. The weather is not good. But we have put pressure on them. I created many opportunities. And at the end of the game, Sophie is capable enough to score. We have to change at the end of the game. Because competitors use 5 people and make the right decision. "It was a great game,

"We have a group of players that almost everyone deserves to play. But the manager has to choose who to play just 11 people so Sophie must wait for this opportunity. But we try to play simple. Pass the ball fast. They have a problem. But my team is in control of the situation, "he said.ผลบอลสด
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